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Ple​ase note that the EUAA Case Law Database will not be available from 30 July to 7 August 2024 and disturbances may be experienced from 8 to 19 August 2024.



Use the following form to submit a request to add a relevant asylum judgment or appeal decision to the EUAA Case Law Database



Please indicate the full name(s) or initials of the first party only if publicly disclosed. If the name is not mentioned in the decision, please indicate ‘Applicant’.
Please indicate the name(s) as they appear in the judgment. If available, include the name(s) in the original language in brackets.
Party (parties) v Party (parties)
Please indicate the date of pronouncement of the decision.
Please select the Country or the relevant International Organization (EU/CoE).
Please select the competent court. If a court is not included in the list, please indicate it in the abstract. For regional/local courts, please indicate the locally competent judicial institution in the abstract.
Please indicated all references available in the original document.
European Case Law Identifier.
ECLI is a uniform identifier that has the same recognizable format for all Member States and EU courts.
Please include a short indicative description of the case. Any personal comments, assessments or critiques on the case will be removed. Press releases can also be included.
Please tick the relevant EU/ECHR legislative provisions cited. In case there is no reference to EU law/ECHR, please use 'National law only'.
Please provide information on other judgments that concern this case, from other appeal levels before national courts or referral to the CJEU, reopening of the case after CJEU judgment, etc.
Please provide information on cases on the same topic/from upper/lower court or others mentioned in the judgment
Please indicate the source name and the source link to the original decision
Please indicate any other relevant source (e.g., press release, publication, etc.) and the link to the other source.
If the case is not published on the internet, upload a PDF of the original case.
Add PDF files (only)

This field is necessary for security reasons. No personal data are referenced and/or published. We will contact you, if additional information is needed.
This field is necessary for security reasons. No personal data is referenced and/or published.
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